Sous Vide Machine Benchmark Results

Lately there have been more and more sous vide machines entering the market every month. Each one has its own specifications, and pluses and minuses. Depending on what is important to you, different machines might meet your needs better than others.

To help showcase the differences between the sous vide machines, and let people know which machines perform better at certain tasks, we created our Sous Vide Benchmark Tests. We run sous vide machines through a specific set of tests so the results can be compared across machines.

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Sous Vide Testing Setup

We ran all of the machines through a battery of tests. You can read a full explanation of the tests, including more pictures of the testing setup in our overview of the sous vide benchmark tests but I'll give a brief look at it here.

We put each sous vide machine through a two hour test. We filled a container with 8 liters (2.1 gallons) of room temperature water. We set the machine to 140°F (60°C) and left it at that temperature for an hour. Then the temperature was increased to 183°F (83.89°C) and left for an hour.

At each step of the way we tracked the temperature including how long it took to heat up and the variability in the temperature. We also tracked the sound the machine was putting off and the power consumption.

Please note that this Sous Vide Machine Benchmark does not have the rigor suitable for a scientific journal. However, we did try to make it as "fair" and repeatable as possible given the amount of time and expense we were willing to invest. So keep in mind that small differences between the performance of the various machines being benchmarked may, or may not, be statistically significant.

To make the data easier to read, we have broken it out into 4 main areas of concern for sous vide users, including heating power, temperature stability, power consumption, and sound levels.

Which Sous Vide Machines We Tested

We try to test as many machines as we can get our hands on. In general, we try to focus on either major brands or new and upcoming machines. If you have a machine you'd like to see tested, or if you manufacture machines, please let us know and we'd be happy to put it through the paces!

Sous Vide Heating Power

The sous vide heating power focuses on how quickly the circulator can bring water up to temperature. There are 3 main data points we extrapolated, including how long it takes:

  • Room temperature water to heat to 140°F (60°C)
  • Hot tap water at 125°F (51.67°C) to heat to 140°F (60°C)
  • 140°F (60°C) water to heat to 183°F (83.89°C)

You can click on any of the sous vide machine names to see more detailed information about them.

Sous Vide Heating Power Benchmark
Machines Room Temp Start Time Hot Tap Start Time Temp Rise Time Heater Output
Anova Nano 31:50 8:20 26:20 750 Watts
Anova One 25:00 07:30 19:40 1000 Watts
Anova Precision Cooker 35:20 13:00 30:50 800 Watts
Anova Precision Cooker AN500 26:40 08:30 31:20 1000 Watts
Anova Precision Cooker Pro 20:10 05:20 15:50 1,200 Watts
Anova Precision Cooker WiFi 32:40 10:50 26:30 800 Watts
Anova Precision Cooker WiFi 900 28:50 10:00 23.20 900 Watts
ChefSteps Joule 20:20 05:10 16:10 1100 Watts
Fissler Souspreme Multi Pot 15:00 04:50 52:20 NA
Gourmia Pod GSV130 16:10 04:00 12:50 1200 Watts
Gramercy 34:30 12:10 31:10 800 Watts
Inkbird ISV-100W 32:20 12:40 26:00 1000 Watts
Instant Pot Accu SV800 29:40 07:20 25:00 800 Watts
Instant Pot Accu Slim Circulator 29:10 07:20 23:20 800 Watts
Joerid SV288 24:10 07:00 18:00 1000 Watts
Kitchen Gizmo 31:00 08:30 25:30 800 Watts
Nomiku Classic 27:10 13:20 16:40 1150 Watts
Oliso Smart Hub 18:30 5:10 13:40 1500 Watts
PolyScience Pro Creative 19:50 04:40 15:10 1100 Watts
PolyScience Sous Vide Professional 27:00 10:50 22:50 1100 Watts
PolyScience Sous Vide Professional Chef 27:00 10:50 22:50 1100 Watts
PolyScience Sous Vide Professional Classic 22:10 05:20 17:30 1100 Watts
SOUSV pot 19:30 8:30 17:10 NA
Sansaire 20:50 05:00 17:20 1100 Watts
Sous Vide Magic 2:12:10 0:44:00 2:52:50 NA
Sous Vide Supreme 29:50 07:40 21:50 850 Watts
SousVide Supreme Touch+ 30:00 10:00 21:40 N/A
Tribest Sousvant SV-101 24:20 6:00 17:50 1000 Watts
VacMaster SV10 15:50 03:50 11:30 1300 Watts
VacMaster SV5 21:20 05:20 15:40 1300 Watts
Vesta Imersa 32:30 12:20 25:10 900 Watts
Vesta Imersa Elite 32:00 11:00 25:10 900 Watts
Vesta Imersa Expert 16:10 04:00 12:00 1500 Watts
Vesta Imersa Pro 22:50 07:20 17:40 1200 Watts
Wasserstein 23:50 07:30 18:10 1000 Watts
fusionchef Diamond 20:30 06:50 17:00 1,200 Watts

We also have looked directly at the question of how long does it take sous vide machines to heat up?

Sous Vide Temperature Stability

During the hour the sous vide machine spent at each temperature we measured the water temperature every 10 seconds and recorded it using the Inkbird THC-4 LCD Display USB Temperature and Humidity Data Logger. Looking back we can accurately see what the variance of the water temperature was, both at the lower temperature of 140°F (60°C) and the higher temperature or 183°F (83.9°C).

Sous Vide Temperature Variability Benchmark
Machines Low Temp Variation High Temp Variation
Anova Nano 0.0°F 0.1°F
Anova One 0.2°F 0.1°F
Anova Precision Cooker 0.2°F 0.2°F
Anova Precision Cooker AN500 0.1°F 0.2°F
Anova Precision Cooker Pro 0.0°F 0.0°F
Anova Precision Cooker WiFi 0.1°F 0.2°F
Anova Precision Cooker WiFi 900 0.0°F 0.2°F
ChefSteps Joule 0.1°F 0.2°F
Fissler Souspreme Multi Pot 0.9°F 1.8°F
Gourmia Pod GSV130 0.2°F 0.3°F
Gramercy 0.0°F 0.2°F
Inkbird ISV-100W 0.0°F 0.2°F
Instant Pot Accu SV800 0.2°F 0.5°F
Instant Pot Accu Slim Circulator 0.2°F 0.2°F
Joerid SV288 0.2°F 0.9°F
Kitchen Gizmo 0.2°F 0.0°F
Nomiku Classic 0.0°F 0.3°F
Oliso Smart Hub N/A°F N/A°F
PolyScience Pro Creative 0.1°F 0.5°F
PolyScience Sous Vide Professional 0.1°F 0.0°F
PolyScience Sous Vide Professional Chef 0.1°F 0.0°F
PolyScience Sous Vide Professional Classic 0.0°F 0.2°F
SOUSV pot 0.9°F 0.9°F
Sansaire 0.1°F 0.2°F
Sous Vide Magic 1.5°F 0.2°F
Sous Vide Supreme 0.6°F 0.5°F
SousVide Supreme Touch+ 0.7°F 0.7°F
Tribest Sousvant SV-101 0.2°F 0.2°F
VacMaster SV10 0.7°F 0.7°F
VacMaster SV5 0.9°F 0.8°F
Vesta Imersa 0.2°F 0.2°F
Vesta Imersa Elite 0.2°F 0.3°F
Vesta Imersa Expert 0.2°F 0.2°F
Vesta Imersa Pro 0.2°F 0.1°F
Wasserstein 0.2°F 0.0°F
fusionchef Diamond 0.2°F 0.2°F

Sous Vide Power Consumption

Many people are concerned about the power consumed during sous vide due to the long cook times involved. We used the P3 P4400 Kill A Watt Electricity Usage Monitor to monitor the power that was used both for the initial hour and the total watts consumed during the two hour test.

Sous Vide Power Consumption
Machines First Hour Power Use Total Power Use
Anova Nano 0.44 kWh 0.92 kWh
Anova One 0.47 kWh 1.00 kWh
Anova Precision Cooker 0.44 kWh 0.94 kWh
Anova Precision Cooker AN500 0.43 kWh 0.87 kWh
Anova Precision Cooker Pro 0.45 kWh 0.90 kWh
Anova Precision Cooker WiFi 0.45 kWh 0.93 kWh
Anova Precision Cooker WiFi 900 0.46 kWh 0.95 kWh
ChefSteps Joule 0.42 kWh 0.91 kWh
Fissler Souspreme Multi Pot 0.27 kWh 0.46 kWh
Gourmia Pod GSV130 0.47 kWh 0.96 kWh
Gramercy 0.45 kWh 0.93 kWh
Inkbird ISV-100W 0.44 kWh 0.87 kWh
Instant Pot Accu SV800 0.44 kWh 0.92 kWh
Instant Pot Accu Slim Circulator 0.44 kWh 0.90 kWh
Joerid SV288 0.41 kWh 0.82 kWh
Kitchen Gizmo 0.45 kWh 0.89 kWh
Nomiku Classic 0.45 kWh 0.95 kWh
Oliso Smart Hub 0.4 kWh 0.74 kWh
PolyScience Pro Creative 0.47 kWh 0.97 kWh
PolyScience Sous Vide Professional 0.49 kWh 1.08 kWh
PolyScience Sous Vide Professional Chef 0.49 kWh 1.08 kWh
PolyScience Sous Vide Professional Classic 0.50 kWh 1.08 kWh
SOUSV pot 0.29 kWh 0.51 kWh
Sansaire 0.44 kWh 0.88 kWh
Sous Vide Magic 0.24 kWh 1.26 kWh
Sous Vide Supreme 0.39 kWh 0.74 kWh
SousVide Supreme Touch+ 0.41 kWh 0.75 kWh
Tribest Sousvant SV-101 0.39 kWh 0.7 kWh
VacMaster SV10 0.48 kWh 0.93 kWh
VacMaster SV5 0.45 kWh 0.93 kWh
Vesta Imersa 0.41 kWh 0.80 kWh
Vesta Imersa Elite 0.43 kWh 0.82 kWh
Vesta Imersa Expert 0.39 kWh 0.77 kWh
Vesta Imersa Pro 0.41 kWh 0.77 kWh
Wasserstein 0.44 kWh 0.84 kWh
fusionchef Diamond 0.53 kWh 1.15 kWh

We also have run a power consumption-specific test that looks at various types of sous vide containers to try and determine how much the container affects sous vide power consumption.

Sous Vide Sound Levels

Most people don't care too much about how loud their sous vide machine is, at least within reason, but those of us in small apartments know a little bit of a noise can make a big difference. During the test we used a RadioShack sound level meter to record how loud the machine was, both right next to it and a foot away.

Note that the ambient sound at these location was around 50 dB. So those machines registering 50 dB, essentially create no noise at all.

Sous Vide Sound Levels
Machines Sound Adjacent Sound 12" Away
Anova Nano 54 dB 52 dB
Anova One 61 dB 53 dB
Anova Precision Cooker 59 dB 50 dB
Anova Precision Cooker AN500 59.00 dB 54.00 dB
Anova Precision Cooker Pro 57 dB 52 dB
Anova Precision Cooker WiFi 58 dB 50 dB
Anova Precision Cooker WiFi 900 dB dB
ChefSteps Joule 54-59 dB 50-55 dB
Fissler Souspreme Multi Pot 50 dB 50 dB
Gourmia Pod GSV130 59 dB 52 dB
Gramercy 51 dB 54 dB
Inkbird ISV-100W 54 dB 50 dB
Instant Pot Accu SV800 54 dB 50 dB
Instant Pot Accu Slim Circulator 51 dB 50 dB
Joerid SV288 53 dB 51 dB
Kitchen Gizmo 52 dB 50 dB
Nomiku Classic 57 dB 52 dB
Oliso Smart Hub NA dB NA dB
PolyScience Pro Creative 73 dB 51 dB
PolyScience Sous Vide Professional 65 dB 59 dB
PolyScience Sous Vide Professional Chef 65 dB 59 dB
PolyScience Sous Vide Professional Classic 65 dB 58 dB
SOUSV pot 50 dB 50 dB
Sansaire 52 dB 50 dB
Sous Vide Magic 50 dB 50 dB
Sous Vide Supreme 50 dB 50 dB
SousVide Supreme Touch+ 50 dB 50 dB
Tribest Sousvant SV-101 64 dB 57 dB
VacMaster SV10 61 dB 55 dB
VacMaster SV5 63 dB 56 dB
Vesta Imersa 55.00 dB 50.00 dB
Vesta Imersa Elite 56.00 dB 50.00 dB
Vesta Imersa Expert 55.00 dB 50.00 dB
Vesta Imersa Pro 60.00 dB 57.00 dB
Wasserstein 51 dB 50 dB
fusionchef Diamond 66 dB 56 dB

Hopefully this helps you understand how the various sous vide machines work and function compared to each other. If you have any questions or experiences with these machines please let me know in the comments.

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