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To me, fish is already very tender, so why would I spend all that time on sous vide fish?? Am I missing something??
- Judy

Dashi sous vide swordfish

Great question Judy!

There are several advantages to using sous vide to cook fish but to me the biggest advantage to sous vide is the convenience. Fish only takes 15 to 45 minutes to cook, so I typically toss it into the bag and get it into the water bath right away. Then I get started cooking the side dish(es). By the time the sides are done, the fish is perfectly cooked (with no attention needed from me) so I can take it out and eat the whole meal at the same time.

Another advantage is how evenly cooked sous vide fish turns out. There is no band of tough, overcooked fish like you get with pan searing. You also have total control of the temperature the fish will end up at, allowing you to cook the fish to different textures, depending on your preferences.

That said, sometimes the texture of traditionally cooked fish is exactly what you are looking for so don't feel bad pan frying, grilling, or poaching the fish if that's what you want for the specific dish!

Mustard infused oil swordfish herb salad overhead

I hope this helps out. Thanks and happy cooking!

What's your favorite way to prepare fish?
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