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Why Drying Your Meat After Sous Vide is Key to a Good Sear

Why Drying Your Meat After Sous Vide is Key to a Good Sear image

I wanted to dive into something that I see a lot of people do wrong when they're trying to sear their food after they've sous vided it...and that's forgetting to dry it off.

They wonder why they always smoke out their apartments and still don't get the sear they were hoping for. Drying off the sous vided food is such a critical component of getting a great crust on their food. The biggest goal you're trying to accomplish when you're searing your food after sous vide is to keep it as quick and as hot as possible.

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Best Way to Use a Sous Vide Searing Torch or Weed Burner

Best Way to Use a Sous Vide Searing Torch or Weed Burner image Some people say that sous vide is boring. You just take your food, put it in a bag and it comes out perfectly cooked. But these people have never used a blowtorch to finish their sous vided food! I'm going to show you how to do it.
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The Best Cast Iron Pans for Sous Vide Searing

One of the best ways to sear food after sous vide is by using a cast iron pan. But which cast iron pan is best? After a decade of sous viding, here are a few of my favorites!

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Judging the Antigua Yacht Chefs Competition

Great food, enormous yachts, wonderful people and sun, sand, and water! And even a bit of sous vide! What better way to spend a week in December!

I recently was lucky enough to be invited to participate as a judge for the 60th Annual Antigua Yacht Chef's Competition. The Chef's Competition is part of the overall Antigua Charter Yacht Show. Chef Elizabeth Lee was the organizer this year and asked me to come participate.

The show takes places on the small Caribbean island of Antigua, which is near the British Virgin Islands, and it was my first time in the Caribbean outside of Jamaica.

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Your Guide To the Best Sous Vide Thanksgiving Dinner Turkey, Sides and Desserts

Sous vide thanksgiving dinner 10

Welcome to my guide to the perfect sous vide Thanksgiving! It'll help remove stress from your holiday so you can focus on spending time with your family!

Below are a lot of recipes, but if you want to dive into the how and why, you can read why to sous vide a turkey or you can dive right into the best way to sous vide a turkey. I also have guides for sous vide turkey dark meat and sous vide turkey breast.

And if you want to go really deep, I do have a comprehensive Snippet|thanksgiving_course_inline_ahref that talks about everything you need to know to cook perfect turkey every time!

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Sous Vide Thanksgiving Meal Prep Schedules

There is enough pressure and stress around the Thanksgiving holiday that cooking the dinner shouldn't contribute to it. Luckily when you use sous vide there are several things you can do to simplify your Thanksgiving Meal Prep by splitting up the work.

Sous vide thanksgiving dinner 10

There are several options for how to split up all the sous vide prep work for your Thanksgiving turkey. I highly recommend spreading it out over a few days to help reduce your stress.

Here are a few sample sous vide Thanksgiving Day schedules to give you some timing ideas from. Feel free to mix and match as it suits your needs.

And don't forget, you can cook all the meat ahead of time and refrigerate it until a few hours before you are ready to eat.

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Conclusion of the Sous Vide Quick Start Course

Welcome to the final lesson of the free Sous Vide Quick Start Course!

We've gone through a lot of content over the last several days and I hope you're feeling excited and ready to continue along your sous vide journey. Sous vide has transformed my cooking and I know it can transform yours as well!

Sous vide surf turf 24
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How to Cook a Simple Sous Vide Steak from a Chuck Roast

Welcome to lesson eight of the free Sous Vide Quick Start Course! Today we are going to be diving into sous vide steaks and some of the details surrounding them.

Steak is often the first thing people turn to when they get their sous vide machine, and sous vide does make it easy to cook perfect steaks every time!

Instead of a simple recipe for a sous vide ribeye or a sous vide strip steak, I wanted to share one of my go-to steak recipes that will highlight the power of tenderization through longer sous vide times.

It's for a chuck steak, cooked around 36 hours, that comes out tasting almost like a much more expensive prime rib. It's like nothing you can make with traditional methods!

Sous vide steak shishito peppers0204.jpg
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Make Sure You Avoid These Common Sous Vide Mistakes

Welcome to lesson seven of the free Sous Vide Quick Start Course! Today we are going to be diving into some common sous vide mistakes people make that I want you to avoid!

As we get close to wrapping up the course, I thought I'd address some of the most common sous vide mistakes I see people making. Hopefully it can save you from some mishaps in the kitchen as you get started with sous vide!

Sous vide searing turkey 37
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How to Make Sous Vide Egg Bites at Home

Sous vide does wonders with steak, chicken, and other meats, but it's not ALL about the meat. Over the last year or two, one of crazes sweeping the nation and pushing sous vide into the spotlight has been the Starbucks Sous Vide Egg Bites.

These egg bites are simple, tasty delights that people love to eat for breakfast or snack on during the day. As the name implies, they are made using sous vide...and are really easy to make yourself.

So watch out Starbucks, here's an easy egg cup bite you can make at home!

Sous vide egg cups flat
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Understanding Sous Vide Cooking Times and Temperatures

So far we have been looking at the basics of sous vide and now it's time to handle the "meat" of the subject! Now it's time to get a little technical.

I like to dive deeper into this subject because understanding times and temperatures is the most vital part of being a successful sous vider.

There is a huge mindset change when using sous vide compared to other methods of cooking.

Sous vide strip steak herb butter 5
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How to Cook a Simple Sous Vide Pork Tenderloin

p>Another one of my favorite things to cook is sous vide pork tenderloin, or really any type of tender pork! Similarly to chicken, pork can be cooked at a lower temperature than it often is traditionally, resulting in moist, tender meat!

I get more compliments about my pork tenderloin than any other cut of meat I cook.

Sous vide pork tenderloin apples 7
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Is Sous Vide Safe? It Is When You Follow These Tips!

With any cooking method, food safety is very important. No one wants to get themselves sick - or worse yet, make their friends and family sick.

So I think it's important to go over the main safety issues around sous vide, most of which also apply to traditional cooking.

A great thing about sous vide is that it's easy to ensure your food is completely safe to eat, something that can't always be said of many traditional techniques.

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How to Cook a Simple Sous Vide Chicken Breast

People are always curious about what should you sous vide first. There are several things I recommend trying as you get started, but chicken breast is always one of my favorites.

Sous vide chicken breast is the first thing that opened my eyes to exactly what sous vide can do to a normal meal. It was the most moist and tender chicken I had ever had, and it took so little effort to make it.

We all have experience eating chicken that is dry, bland, and overcooked. And most of us are guilty of overcooking it ourselves, especially when we are cooking for other people and are scared of undercooking it. I know I am!

Sous vide chicken breast sauteed vegetables 3
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What Are the Advantages of Sous Vide Cooking?

What Are the Advantages of Sous Vide Cooking? image

Discovering sous vide was one of the best things that happened to me. I was just another good cook and it turned me into a great cook! I love wowing my friends, my wife, and my family with the food I can now confidently make, and I can't wait to show you how to do it as well!

People always ask me "You're a great cook, so why do you use sous vide?"

To me, there are two huge advantages to sous vide cooking:
creating amazing food and convenience!

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