This article is a part of my FREE Sous Vide Quick Start On-Demand Class. If you want to consistently create amazing food with sous vide, then my class is exactly what you're looking for.

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What Are the Advantages of Sous Vide Cooking?

Welcome to lesson one of the free Sous Vide Quick Start Course! Today we are going to be diving into what the main advantages of sous vide really are!

I'm so excited you've decided to start down the path of exploring sous vide cooking!

Discovering sous vide was one of the best things that happened to me. I was just another good cook and it turned me into a great cook! I love wowing my friends, my wife, and my family with the food I can now confidently make, and I can't wait to show you how to do it as well!

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So Why Sous Vide?

People always ask me "You're a great cook, so why do you use sous vide?"

To me, there are two huge advantages to sous vide cooking:
creating amazing food and convenience!

Sous Vide Results in Perfectly Cooked Food

The food you can make with sous vide is always moist, tender, and perfectly cooked. This is a huge benefit of sous vide!

Steaks and roasts can be cooked with edge-to-edge doneness and never become overcooked with sous vide.

Chicken and pork can safely be cooked at lower temperatures with sous vide, resulting in super moist meat.

Tough cuts of meat like sous vide pork butt or sous vide short ribs can even be cooked for an extended time to turn them into amazingly tender dishes.

And because of the precision cooking, you never need to worry about overcooking the food and ruining a meal.

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Sous vide is Also Really Convenient.

With a little bit of planning, most sous vide meals can be done shortly after you get home from a long day and are ready to eat. And if you get held up and run an hour or two late, the food will still be perfectly cooked!

It also takes the stress out of parties, holidays and large family dinners because you don't have to worry about the food the whole time, you know it'll turn out great when you are ready to eat.

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Why Do People Sous Vide at Home?

But you don't have to take my word for it! I reached out on my Exploring Sous Vide Facebook group to see what successes people have had with sous vide, and I wanted to share some of their responses.

Joi Powell

Brand new to it, first was last night, a NY strip steak, oh my gosh, best steak, fun and easy way to cook, love it!!!

Karen Vogel Greenwood

Definitely the Beef Wellington my husband made for Christmas Eve dinner!!

Kelly Shipman

I made 15 Briskets and 6 Boston butts for a wedding. On Christmas day this year the bride made a ribeye roast, her Dad kept talking about how good the brisket at her wedding was.

Doug Piper Sr.

I think my best was sous viding a whole 18.5 pound turkey which, thanks to Jason's advice, turned out awesome!

Trevor Fuller

6 pounds of pulled pork with a dry bbq rub 165/19. Had it yesterday and the family loved it!

Annie Kilpatrick

Super newbie but attempted to make ham for Christmas and everyone loved it.

Ken Humphrey

Beef Short Ribs for sure! So rich. So tender. So juicy!

Russell Wong

Sous Vide Katz Pastrami - 2 month brine/Corning, 1 day soak, 2 day rub, 8hr smoke, 48 hr SV, finished on the broiler. Everyone said it was better then the Katz pastrami they've had.

Dan Frissora

Many years ago I started making prime rib for Christmas. It was hit and miss because we were usually late getting to the table. The search for a better way brought me to sous vide several years ago and I have not looked back. Last week, although it was a prime NYS, my family all agreed that it was the best yet.

I'm really excited to help you jump start your sous vide cooking and show you how to get the most out of your sous vide machine. So are you ready to get started on your first sous vide success?

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Your Homework

Tell me a bit about yourself and your goals for this course.

Let me know in the Exploring Sous Vide Facebook group or in the comments comments. I want to hear exactly what you'd like to get out of this course, as well as a little about yourself and how long you've been using sous vide!

And if you don't have a sous vide machine yet, you can check out my best sous vide machine picks.

Thanks, and happy cooking!


This article is a part of my FREE Sous Vide Quick Start On-Demand Class. If you want to consistently create amazing food with sous vide, then my class is exactly what you're looking for.

Sous vide quick start lead magnet header.png

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