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Tools of the Trade: Mouseflow and Crazy Egg

Mouseflow and Crazy Egg

One of the most important things to do when trying to get your readers to do something specific is to track what is working and what is not working. This is true whether you are trying to sell them an ebook, share your recipes on social media, successfully navigate your site, or sign up for your newsletter.

Crazy egg heat map

To help with this, we use a type of tool called a Heat Map, Click Tracker, or Scroll Map. I use these tools for a whole slew of things on Amazing Food Made Easy. They are great for product sales pages, but I also use them to help track how effective links in my recipes are, how my right sidebar is functioning, if my newsletter signup links are working and much more. I've used both Mouseflow and Crazy Egg to accomplish this.

There are a few important reasons I use these tools. The first is to see if your links are performing as you want them to. There is no reason to clutter up your site with links if no one is clicking on them. The other big reason is to identify what content readers are spending time on, and what content they are skipping. This can help you maximize the important content, and tweak content that might not be resonating.

It's hard to make intelligent decisions when you don't have the information you need to make them. These tools help give you that information, so you can understand your audience more effectively.

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