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How to Turn Off Facebook Group Watch Parties to Stop Spam

One of the biggest challenges with running a large Facebook group is trying to deal with the spam posts. Even using things like "Member Questions" doesn't keep out everyone.

Lately, the most common type of spam is hosting "Watch Parties", and it was an issue we were running into almost every day. Someone suggested that it was possible to turn this "feature" off, but I couldn't find a way to accomplish that.

Finally, I tracked down how to turn off watch parties, and I wanted to share it with you so you can start to fight back against some of the Facebook spam.

Apparently, the only way to remove watch parties from a group you manage is to do it on the mobile app. So go to your Facebook group page in the Facebook mobile app, and click on the "Account Settings" button at the top right, it's the one that looks like a shield.

Then click on the "Group Settings" link which will allow you to modify your Facebook group.

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From there, scroll down near the bottom under the "Features" category (Ha, "features", good one). You should see the Facebook "Watch Party" link there. Click on that, and then you can modify the watch party settings. I changed mine to "Only Admins Can Create", just in case I ever want to do an actual, non-spam watch party.

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Once I turned off watch parties for my Facebook group, I've stopped getting the daily alerts and spam messages that we used to get. Hopefully your group will be a little calmer now as well!

If you want to read some more about this, here are a few helpful links.

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How do you fight back against spam in your Facebook groups? Let me know in the Makin Bacon Facebook Group or the comments below.

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