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Modernist Potluck: Winter Soups, Booze, and Steaks

Modernist Potluck: Winter Soups, Booze, and Steaks image In this installment of Modernist Potluck, I take a look at steaks, soups, sous vide machines, and booze! So come check out all the best modernist cooking links of the last few weeks.

Modernist Potluck - Happy Thanksgiving!

I thought Thanksgiving would be a good time to launch our newest feature "Modernist Potluck". It focuses on all the great content that is available on other websites that you might not follow. I'm thankful to the all the great modernist cooks out there that make this community such a fun thing to be a part of. Some of these posts are recent and some are a little older but I hope they all help inspire you in your cooking.

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