Modernist Potluck - Happy Thanksgiving!

I thought Thanksgiving would be a good time to launch our newest feature "Modernist Potluck". It focuses on all the great content that is available on other websites that you might not follow. I'm thankful to the all the great modernist cooks out there that make this community such a fun thing to be a part of. Some of these posts are recent and some are a little older but I hope they all help inspire you in your cooking. I'll be making this a regular part of the blog, so if you come across any good content please let me know!

Food in Singapore - Homemade: Scallop Garden

An awesome dish that uses components to evoke a garden.

Reddit - What one dish will truly showcase the wonder of sous vide cooking?

If you're wondering what to start cooking with sous vide, here's a great place to get ideas.

If you're looking to play with the senses of your diners then there are two great articles that can help you out. One from Science Fare that examines the senses and how preconceptions play into them and one from Molecular Recipes shares an experiment on how using "sensory stimulation" can change the flavors of what you are eating.

If you're looking for a good place to discuss modernist cooking (in addition to my modernist forums, of course!) then the sub-Reddit for Modernist Cuisine is a good place. It's always being updated with good links to interesting content.

If you just throw away your turkey carcass then you're losing out on some great flavor. Turning that turkey into stock will help flavor dishes for weeks to come. You can use a pressure cooker via Chef Steps (just substitute turkey for the chicken in the recipe) or simmer it overnight via Michael Ruhlman (plus a turkey-stock shooter!).

And after stuffing yourself with pie this week sometimes you need to mix it up with different desserts! Here's some home made Oreos from Modernist Cooking At Home and a PB&J Gelato via Modernist Cuisine.

Hope some of these recipes can inspire you!

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