Modernist Potluck: Winter Soups, Booze, and Steaks

In this installment of Modernist Potluck, I take a look at steaks, soups, sous vide machines, and booze! Got some great content you'd like to share? Then let me know on Facebook or Twitter!

I really enjoyed this article by kevinEats talking about a taste test he did with several different types of steak that are readily available.

If you like to drink, there are two great articles I came across. The first is a review of the Tales of the Cocktail event held in New Orleans every year. The second is a look at beer pairings with different modernist foods by Brew Dogs, it's worth a look for the liquid nitrogen marshmallow alone!

For those of you in the market for a sous vide machine, Series Eats has a detailed look at 3 of the low cost options available. And a thread on Reddit looks at what containers are best to use.

Ginger carrot soup side

It's been a cold winter so far, so that means it's time for some soups! Series Eats looks at how to make a variety of creamy vegetable soups. I take a run at a caramelized ginger-carrot soup and Brendan Lee posts a nice recipe for a caramelized celeriac soup.

For a nice look at various cooking oils in an easy to read format, you can check out this handy chart from Chasing Delicious.

And just for fun, chicken fried potatoes!

If you come across any links you think are worth sharing, please let me know on Facebook or Twitter!

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