Rum Raisin Caramel Sauce Recipe

The spiced rum-infused raisins add a great flavor to this caramel sauce. The sauce itself is ideal on desserts or even served plain on vanilla ice cream. For a fun twist I often use flavored caramel sauces with savory dishes such as pork or lamb.

This is a thin and boozy sauce. For a thicker sauce you can decrease the amount of cream or the amount of spiced-rum that is added. I usually add both the spiced rum and the raisins to the caramel, but you can omit either one if you prefer.

Melted sugar is very hot and can cause burns. Be sure to use a large enough pot because the cream will boil and expand when it is added to the heated sugar. The caramel sauce can be made several hours in advance as long as it's reheated before using as a sauce.

Panna cotta caramel sauce

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Rum Raisin Caramel Sauce Recipe

  • Published: December 10, 2015
  • By Jason Logsdon
  • Prep Time: 15 Minutes
  • Total Time: 45 Minutes

Rum Raisin Caramel Sauce Ingredients

For the Rum Raisin Caramel

1 cup heavy cream
1.5 cups white sugar
3 tablespoons water
1 cup Spiced Rum Infused Raisins and Spiced Rum

Rum Raisin Caramel Sauce Instructions

For the Rum Raisin Caramel

Measure out the cream and set aside.

Mix the sugar and water together in a pot, it should resemble wet sand. Heat the sugar over medium heat without stirring until it melts and bubbles. Once it starts to brown, stir it gently until it turns a light amber color. If clumps form cook for longer until they melt, almost all clumps should eventually melt out.

Once the sugar is an amber color, about 10 to 20 minutes total cooking time, pour in the heavy cream while stirring, being sure not to burn yourself on the hot steam that will be released. Mix well to fully incorporate the cream into the sugar. Add the spiced rum infused raisins and stir well to combine. Cook for two minutes then remove from the heat and let the caramel sauce cool slightly.

The caramel sauce can be made several hours in advance as long as it's reheated before using as a sauce. If holding for more than a few hours it should be refrigerated.

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