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Chatwin Crucial Knife Set Review

Chatwin Crucial Knife Set Review image All in all I really liked the Chatwin Crucial Knife set and I would recommend it to people that prefer lighter knifes, or are looking for a unique knife design. The holder is really classy too if you want to show them off.

How to Keep Knives from Becoming Dull

How to Keep Knives from Becoming Dull image Using sharp knives is both safer and easier than using dull ones and the best way to keep them sharp is to learn how to keep your knives from becoming dull in the first place.

Knife Sharpener Roundup

Knife Sharpener Roundup image There is a wide range of knife sharpeners available to the home cook. Here are some of the better rated ones on Amazon.

Fini Cutlery Knife Review

Fini Cutlery Knife Review image The Fini Cutlery knife shortens the handle for better comfort and control. I take this knife through the paces to see how it works compared to other knives.

Frankfurter Brett Kitchen Workbench

Frankfurter Brett Kitchen Workbench image I was recently approached by Joseph, from "Frankfurter Brett", who wanted to show off their new cutting board system. It's basically a workbench for the kitchen and it looks pretty awesome. They are currently in their Kickstarter campaign and hoping to find supporters. You can read all of my thoughts below and I highly recommend you go check out their page, including their awesome videos, and see what you think.

NextGen San Sebastian Elite Knife Review

NextGen San Sebastian Elite Knife Review image I recently got contacted by NextGen and was asked if I wanted to try out their new knife, the San Sebastian Elite model, and I've been using it for the last few days with great results.

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