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Disclaimer: Frankfurter Brett is providing me two cutting boards, one for an upcoming detailed review and one to giveaway to a random reader. That said, I will always review products truthfully and share my real thoughts.

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I was recently approached by Joseph, from "Frankfurter Brett", who wanted to show off their new cutting board system. It's basically a workbench for the kitchen and it looks pretty awesome. They are currently in their Kickstarter campaign and hoping to find supporters. You can read all of my thoughts below and I highly recommend you go check out their page, including their awesome videos, and see what you think.

Frankfurter brett

Win a Free Frankfurter Brett!

Joseph has agreed to give one of my readers a FREE Frankfurter Brett cutting board system. Just sign up for my newsletter or share this post on Facebook or Twitter. A random reader will then be selected to receive the giveaway. The giveaway is subject to them making their goal, so be sure to share the Kickstarter with all your cooking friends!

My Thoughts on the Frankfurter Brett

Frankfurter bretts

I haven't got my hands on one of their cutting boards yet (I have to wait until they come out in December like everyone else) but I'm really excited to try it out. Since I do a ton of cooking between recipe testing and trying to keep my wife happy I'm always looking for ways to improve the process. Here's my thoughts on their ideas, the Frankfurter Brett system, and their execution.


I am constantly trying to organize my workspace during food prep and I think this is even more of an issue with modernist cooking, where you have many smaller components of a dish. Having an integrated workspace with multiple bins is something that would definitely simplify my cooking. Being able to separate out the different components in their own bins would make the process much easier than trying to juggle the multiple small bowls I use now.

Heavy Duty

Their boards are designed for the serious home cook or for professional chefs. Because of this, they focused on using real high-quality materials that can hold up to the rigors of heavy use. I like that they aren't thin, flimsy boards.

Cutting Board Style

I love that instead of just doing a single, potentially drab, style of board they are giving people the option of the material they want, including the standards of oak, maple, cherry, and bamboo, and even a Thermo-Ash board, which looks pretty awesome. They even offer a dishwasher safe black plastic version that looks really great as well.

You can also further customize your board by choosing your bracket color from 6 different colors.

About Them

Joseph and brother

Joseph is an industrial design student and he works with his brother who is a professional chef. They developed the Frankfurter Brett to be both stylish and to hold up to the rigors of daily use for serious cooks. As a small business owner, I love supporting other small businesses when I can.

Wrangle the Party Garnishes

I really like the concept of using the Frankfurter Brett mini for a cocktail station. Whenever I have a party I always set up a small cutting board with cocktail garnishes on it. After about an hour the board is usually empty and the garnishes are spread throughout the kitchen, and sometimes the living room, as people wandered off or the garnishes rolled away. Having bins set up to hold everything in one place would be a great way to prevent the garnishes from "escaping"!


Container sizes

At first I was worried about how hard it would be to find containers for the Frankfurter Brett, but it turns out they use the gastronorm system, which is basically what every catering or professional kitchen uses. That means any container designed to fit that specification, which is almost any food-grade container, will work great. This includes most Cambro or Blanco pans and containers.

Final Thoughts

All in all I think the Frankfurter Brett is an awesome idea that will help solve many of the issues I have in my kitchen, especially when I'm doing recipe testing or cooking for larger amounts of people. If you're looking for ways to help organize your kitchen space then definitely check out their Kickstarter campaign, watch their videos, and see if the Frankfurter Brett is right for you.

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