Modernist Equipment Black Friday, Cyber Monday Deals

Modernist equipment can be expensive! But every year around Thanksgiving, Black Friday and Cyber Monday there are great deals that can make the equipment much more affordable. I'll be updating this page with the latest deals, when they run, and how to get them. So whether you are looking for gifts for your friends and family or a little something for yourself, you'll be able to see it all here!

Did you know that I also have a Modernist Gift Guide? It's the perfect place to find gift ideas for all your friends and family.

Seen a Black Friday or Cyber Monday deal I should know about? Let me know! Or post a comment!

Black Friday Deals

Sous Vide Black Friday Deals

Many sous vide companies are having deals over the next week for Thanksgiving, Black Friday, and Cyber Monday. If you want more information about sous vide machines, you can check out our look at inexpensive immersion circulators and other sous vide equipment reviews.

Nomiku Cyber Monday Deals

Nomiku 2.png

There aren't any Nomiku Black Friday deals but they do have several things happening on Cyber Monday:

  • Cyber Monday at midnight Pacific will be the last time that people can preorder the WiFi Nomiku at $149. After Cyber Monday, the price goes up to $199.
  • On Cyber Monday the Classic Nomiku will have a special Cyber Monday Amazon deal, which will be $25 off. The deal starts at 6:30am Pacific.

If you want more information about the Nomiku, you can check out our detailed Nomiku Immersion Circulator review.

Sansaire Black Friday Deals


If you use the code "staywarm", you can take advantage of a 20% off discount for all of the Sansaire products through Monday night.

Chef Steps Joule Holiday Sale

Chef steps joule.png

Chef Steps recently announced their new circulator, the Joule. It's a small, app controlled circulator that is on preorder for $100 off until January 15th.

Anova Black Friday Deals

Anova precision circulator sous vide square

Anova is offering several deals over the next week. Their Anova One is back on sale at only $99. It's a great machine, especially for that price. Their second deal is $50 off their Anova Precision Bluetooth version. Both deals can be purchased from their website. You can read more about these machines with our Anova Precision Cooker Review and our look at inexpensive immersion circulators.

Codlo Black Friday Deals

Codlo sous vide controller.png

The Codlo sous vide controller is offering £15 off with the code XMAS15 if used by November 29th. You can purchase it at their website.

Sous Vide Tools Black Friday Deals

Sous Vide Tools has many different black friday deals for both the home cook and professional chef.

Sous Vide Supreme Black Friday Deals

The Sous Vide Supreme Black Friday deal allows you to save 25% off their Gourmet Holiday Package through Monday.

Modernist Cooking Black Friday Deals

Bellini Kitchen Master Black Friday Deals

Bellini cooker cedarlane in use

The Bellini Kitchen Master has a great Black Friday deal with $200 off the retail price, that's about 35% off. It's sold several places including Best Buy and Target, as well as For more information about the Bellini, you can check out our Bellini Kitchen Master Review.

Seen a Black Friday or Cyber Monday deal I should know about? Let me know! Or post a comment!

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