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How to Keep Your Website Secure and Accessible with Andrew Wilder

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As bloggers, we rely on our websites for money, not only through ads, but for selling sponsored posts, promoting our own products and for keeping our fans engaged. So when our sites go down, it can be a disaster.

But today's guest, Andrew Wilder, the founder and CEO of NerdPress, is the perfect person to help us prevent that from happening. We're going to chat about everything you need to know about website security, finding problems to solve, and what every blogger needs to know about maintaining an accessible site!

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About Andrew Wilder

He is the founder and CEO of NerdPress, a digital agency that provides WordPress maintenance and support services for publishers and small businesses, placing an emphasis on site speed, stability and security. He has been building, fixing and maintaining websites since 1998 and has spoken on a wide variety of technical topics in plain English, no less, for numerous conferences, webinars, and podcasts.

Key Takeaways

  • Conference introverts
  • When is it right to pursue skills
  • Checklist systems
  • Yes, Bloggers can learn
  • Make sure you charge enough
  • Website accessibility
  • Site security

Links and Mentions

  • NerdPress website
  • Email Andrew Wilder at:

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Transcription of Andrew Wilder Podcast

Transcription Coming Soon

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