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How to Use Interns to Move Your Blog Forward with Christina Hitchcock

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As bloggers we often have a never ending list of todos. Things that we just need to do, but aren't necessarily taking advantage of our strengths. If only there was a source of help that was inexpensive, or even free! Luckily today's guest is the perfect person to help us out!

Today, we dive into how you can use interns to do more while focusing on the most important aspects of your business that only you can do! Next, on Makin' Bacon!

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About Christina Hitchcock from The Smart Influencer and It Is a Keeper

Christina Hitchcock helps bloggers and influencers work smarter so they can grow and scale their businesses faster.

Christina created her food blog, It Is a Keeper, over 10 years ago and quickly grew it to a six-figure business. During this time, she honed her strategies and processes so that she can get more done with less effort.

Prior to starting her blog, Christina was a marketing VP and business development executive. After a successful career helping entrepreneurs grow successful brick and mortar businesses, Christina now helps other bloggers and influencers grow and scale their online businesses.

Today, Christina is the co-owner of and co-host of The Smart Influencer Podcast where she helps other bloggers and influencers be more efficient and skyrocket their productivity.

I can't wait to learn from today's guest, Christina Hitchcock from The Smart Influencer and It Is a Keeper

Key Takeaways

  • How can we do more with less effort?
  • The learning curve with using interns
  • Start small, then ramp up with more later on
  • How to be prepared before you bring on an intern

Links and Mentions

If you want to read some more about publishing books, here are a few helpful links.

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