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Sous Vide Roast

Roasting is a cooking method that employs the use of dry heat or hot air to cook food. This is usually done with the use of an oven, grill or a similar source of heat which can produce at least 300°F of heat, or more. The process produces food that has been air dried. More often than not, roasted food has a browned surface resulting from the caramelization as well as the Maillard reaction that takes places. This along with the natural flavors of the meat and ingredients bring together a unique and delicious taste.

Most commonly large tender pieces of meat and vegetables are used for roasting since these react well to diffused heat. The cooking process for roast usually takes long hours and requires both attention and effort. More than this, the process of exposing ingredients to high heat can result in food that lacks moisture or has not been fully cooked all the way through, yet is done on the outside.

Sous vide roast is a good way to deal with these common problems. The process of using controlled heat along with slow cooking enables food to become properly cooked all the way through, without sacrificing any of its flavor or moisture. The technique also ensures that food becomes tender. This makes it ideal for roasting various cuts of meat and not just those which are naturally soft.

Both beef and pork roasts are usually held at a temperature of 131°F / 55°C for 1 to 2 days if a medium rare doneness is wanted. For medium doneness, it should be cooked at 140°F / 60°C for 1 to 2 days as well. Traditional well done roast beef should be held at 160°F / 71.1°C for 1 to 3 days, and well pork roast at 155°F / 68.3°C for 1 to 3 days also.

However, the sous vide process does not allow for a Maillard reaction to take place. Browning, crisping and caramelization may be achieved by finishing the sous vide roast after it has been cooked. This may be done quickly in an oven, through searing in a frying or with a hand held torch.

Sous Vide Roast Recipes and Articles

Sous Vide Brisket Recipe with Cranberry BBQ Sauce

Sous Vide Brisket Recipe with Cranberry BBQ Sauce image Even though cranberries are a staple for Thanksgiving sauces they are often overlooked for more traditional sauces. Their combination of tartness and mild fruitiness is a great complement to many BBQ sauces. I like to serve this BBQ on a smoked and sous vided brisket.

How to Sous Vide Prime Rib

How to Sous Vide Prime Rib image Discover how to make sous vide prime rib that turns out perfectly every time. Learn the time and temperatures needed for a great prime rib.

Sous Vide Beef Carnitas with Tangerine-Chipotle Sauce

Sous Vide Beef Carnitas with Tangerine-Chipotle Sauce image I turn the sous vided brisket or chuck roast into shredded beef for flavorful carnitas covered in a sweet and spicy tangerine-chipotle sauce. I serve them with corn tortillas and avocado so they are easy to pick up and eat.

Sous Vide Chuck Pot Roast with Roasted Vegetables

Sous Vide Chuck Pot Roast with Roasted Vegetables image Create a perfect version of a traditional pot roast by sous viding it. The meat is fall apart tender and very juicy. In this recipe I lighten it up with a medley of roasted vegetables and brighten it up with a lemon vinaigrette!

Sous Vide French Dip Sandwiches Recipe

Sous Vide French Dip Sandwiches Recipe image French dip sandwiches are a classic deli food and they are very easy to make at home using our sous vide recipe with a top round roast. Once the meat is cooked for several days it is seared and thinly sliced. I like to pile the slices on a hoagie roll with melted Swiss cheese but you can serve it however you prefer. Many people enjoy thinly sliced red onion on it.

Smokey Sous Vide Brisket Recipe

Smokey Sous Vide Brisket Recipe image Use sous vide to serve great meals around a busy schedule. One of the ways sous vide can do this is by taking a traditionally difficult meal and making it very easy. For most people, doing a BBQ brisket during the busy work week is impossible because there is no time to smoke and grill it for hours. Using sous vide for the brisket allows you to prep and bag the brisket in 10 minutes when you have time. Then a few days before you want to eat simply put it in the water bath and forget about it. Once it's cooked you quickly sear the sous vided brisket and you're all ready to eat.

Sous Vide Prime Rib Roast Recipe

Sous Vide Prime Rib Roast Recipe image Around Christmas time many people will prepare ham or turkey but around our house we've always done a prime rib roast for dinner. With sous vide it's now easier than ever to have a perfectly cooked prime rib dinner without a lot of the hassle you normally have to go through. Here our sous vide recipe for the classic prime rib roast.

Sous Vide Sirloin Roast Recipe

Sous Vide Sirloin Roast Recipe image One of my favorite meals is a good roasted beef. However, roasts are notoriously hard to cook properly. Even the best roasts have a wide band around them of overcooked meat but this recipe shows how sous vide can come to the rescue again.

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