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Indian cuisine refers to all the different regional dishes found throughout India. There is a wide variety of foods prepared in the country and these differ according to influence and preference. Indian dishes include meals made with vegetables, meat, fruits and a lot of herbs and spices. Both vegetarian and non-vegetarian recipes are prominent in the country.

Sous vide can be used in the preparation of all these. Non-vegetarian dishes use a variety of meats including lamb, mutton, chicken, fish and more. In the same way as with other cuisines, sous vide provides low temperature slow cooking that will keep various meats cooked just right without losing any of its flavor or moisture, while staying tender. When using sous vide for Indian food, chicken meat is cooked at 147°F, fish at 132°F to 135°F, pork at 130°F to 139°F, beef at 140°F to 149°F and lamb at 131°F.

Likewise, sous vide can also be used for Indian vegetarian cuisine. The process helps produce keep from becoming overcooked while retaining a larger amount of nutrients. Additionally, vegetables and fruits cooked sous vide style tend to have better texture than those cooked using traditional methods. Most fruits and vegetables are prepared with a temperature of 183°F.

Meat and vegetables prepped through sous vide can easily be used with curry sauces, added into stews, soups and many more. These may also be seasoned with herbs and spices before being cooked sous vide to make it more flavorful.

Sous Vide Indian Recipes and Articles

Sous Vide Bengali Chicken Recipe

Sous Vide Bengali Chicken Recipe image While it looks like a lot of ingredients, this recipe is actually quite simple at its core. Cooking the thighs sous vide in the super flavorful and aromatic sauce produces perfectly tender and juicy chicken that's sure to impress.

Sous Vide Lamb Curry Recipe

Sous Vide Lamb Curry Recipe image This is a classic curry featuring sous vide boneless leg of lamb. It can also be used with chicken or pork. Serve it with rice and bread to soak up sauce and maybe a crisp salad to offset the richness of the curry.

Sous Vide Lamb Tajine Recipe

Sous Vide Lamb Tajine Recipe image A traditional lamb tajine is slowly simmered lamb in a spice-filled sauce. Our sous vide recipe cooks the lamb first and serves them as whole chops with the sauce over it. It's a nice way to reinterpret the dish.

Sous Vide Green Curry Chicken Recipe

Sous Vide Green Curry Chicken Recipe image Curries always seemed like exotic and complicated dishes until I started cooking them. While some curries can be very involved, especially if you make your own curry pastes, there are many fast and easy ways to make curry at home. This easy sous vide curry chicken recipe will show you how!

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