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StarChefs International Congress 2016 Recap

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I recently had the great pleasure of covering and attending the StarChesf 2016 Internation Chefs Congress in Brooklyn as part of the press. It's the second time I've been to StarChefs and every time is an inspriational experience. It always has some of the best chefs in the world, amazing panels and incredible workshops.

The theme this year was "What is Progress" and focused on "Defining success in an age of inlfuence and opportunity". It was a very inspiration conference and several people that are making a big difference in their communities were speakers. I highly recommend attending the conference if you are in the food industry in any capacity.

There's too much going on at the conference, but here's some of the highlights I had.

La Presse Quoting Jason Logsdon in Their Sous Vide Article

In their recent sous vide article, La Presse, a newspaper from Montreal, Canada, reached out to Jason Logsdon to get his thoughts on sous vide cooking.

Expert Interview Serives Interview With Jason Logsdon

Jason was recently interviewed by Cilantro as part of their Expert Interview Series. You can read about his thoughts on modernist cooking, pasta, and desserts.

Interview With Jason Logsdon

Interview With Jason Logsdon image Jason Logsdon was interviewed as part of Cilantros Expert Interview Series. See what he has to say about modernist cooking, pastas, and desserts.

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