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anyone has good receipes for Sous Vide vegetables ?

Leeks for exemple, or Carrots ?

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I sous vide carrots all the time as they are our favorite sous vide veggie. I usually peel and cut the carrots into small sticks (about 3 inches long and 1/4 inch round). I'll put about four or five cut up carrots in a small bag with about a teaspoon of raw sugar (i.e., turbinado), a quarter teaspoon of salt, an eighth of a teaspoon of cayenne pepper, and a tablespoon of butter. Shake it up to coat all the pieces, seal, and put in an 83 degC water bath for 45 minutes or so.

I'm also very partial to cooking potatoes sous vide with some salt, pepper, and duck fat. It's great with small fingerlings or new potatoes that are just halved, put in a 84 degC water bath for an hour to an hour and a half, and then once you pull them out of the water bath you sear them off on a hot pan.

Corn that is sliced off the cob and sous vide with just butter and salt is very yummy, as are green beans sous vide with some herbs and butter. Really, sous vide veggies are one of my favorite things to do because the flavor of the vegetables is so intense. My recommendation to you is just to experiment and try different things out. Just don't go overboard with the seasoning because the veggies themselves are so tasty.

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