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Supermarkets offer meat in vacuum packs. Pork tenderloins, for example, are frequently offered, many times pre-seasoned. Has anyone tried sous viding leaving the meat in the original package? Are there risks?


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I think it depends on what type of packaging it is. Most things are *probably* ok at the low temperatures involved in sous vide but most manufactures also say they are not (mainly because they haven't been tested). I would say it's probably safer across the board to just take them out and put them in a ziploc bag. It will only take a minute or two and that way you'll never accidentally cook one that isn't safe.
I've done frozen fish portions in their original packaging in my SVS and it worked fine (132 degrees for 30 min from frozen). I generally don't buy preseasoned meats like that but at the low temps I use for meat I can't imagine there could be any issues.

Just as goof I bought some chopped & formed bacon wrapped IQF "steaks" and cooked them sous vide in the factory packs and it worked just fine.

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