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Seeing that it summer and man is it hot all over the country, it’s a great time to grill outside. Here is an idea that I tried that turned out the best tasting brat ever and so juicy with just the right bit and mouth feel. I packaged some Johnsonville (raw) brats with some dark beer, fresh onions and whole grain German mustard. Note: you have to get the gas out of the beer! Either shake it up and let it stand overnight or the fast method is to put it in a bowl with a high side, because it is going to boil, and put it in your vacuum chamber sealer and run the cycle of vacuum only.
1 Brat
1 TBS beer
1 tsp. mustard
Package as many brats as you need for your family in the bag multiplying the ingredients above by the number of brats in the bag.
Place in the water bath set to 150° F. for about 2 hours. At service time, put a little “char” on the brats with a very hot grill or use a butane torch. (I love my Iwatani torch)
Serve on a nice potato roll with sauerkraut and German mustard!
Chef John

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I also love to cook sausages with sous vide, and I have found that for my taste, I prefer 140 F for two hours.
Yes, we all have developed our own "what we like." I use the higher temperature to make sure the pink is all gone. Many people are still hung up on pork being pink.
I've been meaning to thank Chef John for his posts, most helpful.
I have been making a Cajun sausage for 30 years, and now that I have a Vacuum sealer, and Sous Vide, I will wait for cooler tempes, and make a batch up. I can't wait to do them Sous Vide, as the problem was always cooking them, without loosing all the moisture/juices.

Thank You Chef !
@john, I agree completely with the pink in sous vide sausages. I personally don't mind it so when I cook for myself I do 137F but if I have company I always go higher like you and @Michbill suggest. Definitely a personal preference thing, though they seem to be better than normal sausages whatever the temperature you choose!
I love sous vide, but seriously, why bother with something like this. You can cook great brats in 15-20 minutes on the grill from the start! Why waste 2 hours for a marginally better result? It just seems pointless to me.
You could say the same thing about chicken, most steaks, tender pork, vegetables etc. It's because they always come out cooked perfectly and it's super easy and convenient to do (even when you're busy working, watching kids, having 30 people over for a bbq, wife is late from work, get a phone call, etc). And I don't really think it's "wasting" 2 hours, it takes 2 minutes to bag them and 2 minutes to sear them, so if anything it really saves about 10 minutes of active time.

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