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Has anyone tried infusing liquids in their bath? The SVS newsletter this month makes quite a thing over it. Not being an area I'm experienced in, is it worth using the water bath or is it sufficient to let it herbs etc just sit in the oil/whatever for a length of time? Quite like the idea of some infused oils and spirits, just wondering if it is worth the effort?

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My understanding is that it basically shortens the process to a few hours and you probably get a better infusion for some items than you would in room temperature water.

A good analogy is probably making sun brewed tea vs tea in boiling water. You get a different flavor profile and the speed is definitely different.

I got the Sous Vide Supreme cocktail book and am aiming to try out someof the recipes but I'd love to hear from anyone else that has infused with their sous vide machines.
I chatted with some chefs on Twitter about sous vide infusions and they seem to think it works well. They've done everything from lemongrass syrup to sorbital and onion marmalades to red wine infused with anise. Looks like something I might have to fool around with this, I've got a ton of garden herbs and it might make sense to try and infuse some vinegar or syrups with them.

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