Sous Vide Moose Miracle!

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I'm so amazed by my new Sous Vide! I just made my first melt-in-your mouth Moose sirloin tip roast! My first attempt! I sealed my roast after just lightly adding salt and pepper it (I'll dare add more spice next time). I was concerned about having it too rare so I cooked it at 155 degrees for 32 hours. It was very tender and still medium pink. Because it was well browned, I did not sear it after removing it from the bag. I thinly sliced it and served it with a wine reduction sauce! I'm now thrilled to have a freezer full of moose! The flavor is very mild, slightly sweet and soft, very similar to grass-fed beef. I will be dropping the temperature to 145 degrees for 24 hours next. I'm open for suggestions for rubs and sauces? Anyone have suggestions for unusual sauces to enhance this delicacy? Thanks!

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That sounds awesome! I've never even tried moose before!

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