Sous Vide Corned Beef - Original Packaging?

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I'm having the family over on Sunday, and have picked up about 12 lbs of already packaged and already corned beef. (4 different packages, about 3 lbs each) Packaging is vacuum sealed and has the corned beef juices/seasoning inside.

Can I throw the packages directly into my container for sous vide? Or do I need to open them up, transfer the meat and juices into a gallon Ziploc, force air out, and drop into sous vide?

Also, any advice on temp/time is appreciated as well. Current plan is 145 degrees at 48 hours.

Thanks in advance!

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I have done several corned beef packs at pretty much the time and temperature you are planning to use. At first I did just what you asked and left them in the original vac pack. Then I hit one or two that didn't come out as well because of the packing and since then I have re-packed with my own vacuum bags.
Unfortunately I don't remember what disappointed me with the original packing, I just started repacking them all.
My last experiment was to make pastrami by using a rub recipe and wrapping in foil and baking in the oven for 5 hours at 240f. Still making sandwiches from that one.

I usually repackage them as well, though I don't think I save much of the juices. Corned beef can get really salty when it's cooked in the liquids so I usually rinse it off before bagging and cooking. 145°F should be a fine temperature. I usually do mine at 135°F because it's a little more moist, though both are real good. Here's two articles we've done about sous vide corned beef recipes, if they help at all.
Thanks to both for responses! Since you didn't save/use the juices, did you end up adding any fat content or liquid to the bag for the sous vide? Or did you just pat it down dry and put it in?
I just patted it dry and cooked it. It still released some juices so it was still nice and moist. Adding some fat after the cooking never hurts though!

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