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I recently played around with sous vide coffee and was curious to get your thoughts on the matter. If anyone knows more about coffee or what temperatures you think would be good then let me know!

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I just made my first ever sous vide Coffee :) i used 65g of good coffee, ground slightly courser than drip, to 1000g of water. 80 degrees celcius for 75 min.
strained through normal white, rinsed coffeefilter.

This gave me a suprisingly good cup of coffee! I must say (being a bit of a coffee-geek), that it tastevise does not measure up to the time it takes, and the amount of work it takes. its rounder and smoother than drip, but not as soft as press. very low bitterness, rich mouthfeel and beautifly aromatic.
But still, i will continue with my Aeropress and manual pourover with hario v60, rather than sous vide coffee...even regular frenchpress is at least AS good as sousvide coffee.
Dont get me wrong, sous vide is absolutley fantastic!! just not the best for coffee :)
A case of something that doesn't need to have precise temperature control? If it aint broke....

BTW, interestingly in blind taste testing by coffee experts, pre-packed nespresso espressos came out ahead of premium coffee made by a barista. Perhaps technology has a role after all?
Yeah, it was definitely an interesting experiment but I don't think I'll start doing all my coffee that way!

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