Sous Vide Cod w/ Tomatoes

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Place 2 8 Oz portions Cod (halibut or other meaty fish) sprinkled with salt and pepper into food safe plastic bag, add 1 Tbl butter into bag, then vacuum seal.

Place in preheated sous vide at 60C for 4-60 minutes.

About 20 minutes before serving, make tomato sauce below.

Tomato Fish Sauce
Serves 2
1 Tbl Butter
¼ cup minced onion
1 clove garlic – minced
½ Cup white wine (dry)
8 oz Tomato Sauce
¼ cup rough chopped black olives
2 Tbl capers

In butter, sauté over moderate heat the onions until translucent
Add garlic, cook 2 minutes, until fragrant and brown
Add wine, and bring to boil
Ad tomato sauce, bring to boil
Add olives and capers.
Simmer until thickened and reduced by about 1/3

Place rice or pasta on plate. Place cod over rise or pasta, then spoon over seafood (Cod, Halibut, etc)

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Thats 45-60 minutes!
Thanks for the recipe, that sounds really great!
My wife just bought 4 kilos of cod filets (sight unseen) from one of the restaurant provisioners here in Hong Kong. Tried one filet cooked her way and she didn't like it, so I get to try a number of different ways to SV them. Will post as I can
natron ((American living in Hong Kong)
Thanks for sharing, it'll be great to hear what is working well for you!
which wine did/do you add? Red or white wine? Dry or more fruity? I happen to have this next day wine delivery I got from my mother and it is a very dry Shiraz from Australia - I wonder, can I use that one too? Or do you recommend another / a special kind of wine?
I think they used a dry white in the original recipe so I'm sure your Shiraz would work great!

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