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I'm planning on a brisket for some friends who are visiting. It's one cut of beef I've never tried in a water bath, primarily after reading about people having all sorts of problems with temperature. Baldwin says high, Keller says low,others say inbetween but many have ended up with stringy, chewy meat.

Can anyone shed any light on a good temperature and time combination?

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I would probably recommend either 135°F / 57.2°C for 1 to 3 days (1 to 2 days should work for grass-fed beef while 2-3 days would result in more tender supermarket beef) or
160°F for 1 to 2 Days (71.1°C) (probably 12-24 hours for grass fed beef) for a more traditional type result.
And very nice it was, thanks.

Which time / temp did you go for?
57.2, which was splendid. Interesting to note slightly different from your iphone app, not by much obviously. Did 55 cause problems with stringiness, as that's the one that others had problems with?
Yeah, we've had a little better results with the slightly higher temperature. If it's left in for longer the lower temperature should eventually have the same tenderness but at 57.2 it seems to cook a little quicker and "better".
I've had good luck with 135 F for three days. Ditto for corned beef.
What is the preferred way of browning the outside of a brisket (or pork butt, or any thick roast) cooked by sous vide? Do you sear it (or even hot smoke it) before putting it in the water bath, or do you brown the outside quickly on a grill, on the stove or under the broiler,(or even with a butane torch) after it has cooked? Thanks!
I usually sear it after the sous viding. I'll use any of the methods you mentioned, depending on the effect I'm trying to achieve. I have cold-smoked before sous viding though and that worked well.
I have smoked brisket for 4 hours till it reached 135F and then sous vide overnight which was about 10 hours. I would have left it in longer but one of the bags leaked and the smoke smell stunk the entire house up so i had to finish it off in the smoker. I let it get up to about 195F which took another 4 hours. It was actually really tender and juicy so i dont know why anyone would cook brisket to only 135F.To me thats more like a steak then a brisket which should still be sliceable and fall apart when chopped for brisket sandwiches on texas toast.
i am not getting your question dear....
Somewhere in these forums, I was advised that if you don't get your brisket to 190 - 195 degrees for about 2 hours, it will be tough and stringy. And when I do it in a slow cooker, it reaches 200 degrees after about 6 hours and is good. In the oven, I cook at 180 - 200. So I decided to copy this with sous vide. I now do 176 degrees for about 22 hours and then 2 hours at 195. It comes out tender ut not overcooked. You don't want to boil the meat, which would require 212 degrees.
Have you sealed the meat with a good sealer?

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