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It strikes me that sauer braten would be a natural candidate for sous vide. Has anyone tried ?

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I've never actually done sauer braten but I think sous vide would be a great way to do it, especially if you wanted to try the meat medium-rare. I'd marinate the meat like usual then cook it for 1-3 days at 131F-141F (depending on the tenderness and internal temperature you prefer). Once the sous vide sauerbraten is done I'd dry it off with a towel or papertowels then sear it over high heat until it forms a nice crust. You could also make a gravy with the juices from the bag to put on top of it.

I'm not sure how salty the marinade is but I'd be careful adding too much salt, corned beef and pastrami tend to run on the salt side when cooked with sous vide so I try to use the minimum neccessary or to remove the marinade / cure before sous viding. You can always add salt later.

If you end up trying it let us know, we'd love to hear the results!
I've been contemplating doing saurebraten sv, too! It seems like it would be a natural. But I'm torn between marinating for three days, then cooking vs a shorter marinade and cooking the beef in some of the marinade.
I made saurebraten last week using a London broil we had in the freezer. I put all the marinade in the bag PLUS a hand full of ginger snaps which I use for thickening the gravy. I cooked for 24 hours at 150F and used the bag juices for the gravy base.....I used beef stock to increase the amount.
I added some vinegar and a small amount of sugar to the gravy.

I was concerned the meat would not absorb sufficient flavor without the traditional 3 day marinade. The flavor permeated the meat to an extent I'd never achieved with a marinade. The gravy was spectacular. In my opinion, we were right, this dish is a natural for sv. I would never consider making it any other way. I did not use the onions in the cooking liquid for the gravy as they seemed to have lost their flavor in the cooking process.

One note, the meat was almost too time I'll use chuck roast for more "tooth" to the meat.
Thanks, Carl! That gives me some signposts for my own first attempt at sv SB.

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