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Santa brought me a Sous Vide Supreme Demi for Christmas, which I've already used to great success on eggs and chicken.

Now for my greatest challenge: 72-hour sous vide short ribs!

Here's my question.

The bags are full of liquid from the meat. It seems a waste to discard it. Would those juices make a suitable sauce? How would I make the sauce? It seems like trying to reduce it would leave me with a muddy, dirty sauce full of coagulated proteins and a dull flavor devoid of the roasted notes you'd get from a sauce made from traditional "pan drippings". But to do anything more involved I'd need the meat out of the bag for so long that it would likely get cold.

Any ideas?

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You're right about the coagulated protein; I generally reduce these drippings, add them to whatever sauce I'm making (hollandaise, pan sauce, velouté) and strain through a chinois. I tend to think of these drippings as a bonus bit to add to sauce, rather than an integral base for a sauce.
How do you hold the meat at service temperature while you're doing all the reducing? (I seem to have a LOT of juice!)
I wait until just pre-service to sear the meat, which re-warms it, and I also get comfortable with slightly cooler meat. ;) I warm both my heavy plates and sauce, which helps.

I do like warm meat best, but I've also never had a guest say "this meat is so perfectly warm!" instead of "this meat is so perfectly tender!" or " perfectly rare!"
Oh, also: reducing in a wide pan helps speed the process.
dancole 42, I'm new to this as well having just received a polyscience immersion circulator for Christmas. I can't help you with your question, but how are/were the ribs? Were they bone in? At what temp did you cook them at? I love short ribs. I did eggs, but wasn't very happy with the result. Whites too runny, yolks too hard. Just have to keep on trying. Scallops were sublime, pork chops nice aLSO.

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