Sous Vide Rump steak -What did I do wrong?

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Hi All,

Got my new SVS Demi today and couldn't wait to try it out. I decided on a 1" thick rump steak and cooked it for 3hours and 15 mins at 134 degrees. I was hoping for a nice medium rare steak but what I got was a very tender overcooked piece of meat that was grey all the way through. The taste was lovely and as I said very tender, but I do like my steaks pink in the middle. Was the temp too high or the time too long or both?

Any suggestions appreciated.


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That's strange, at that time and temp it should be just fine. I normally do 131F but 134F shouldn't be appreciably different. And at only 3 to 4 hours the natural greying that occurs through longer cook times shouldn't be present either.

I know that doesn't help much but it sounds like you did everything right.
Jules, I did braising ribs recently at 138F for 48 hours. They were very tender, done (overdone, actually to medium) but still pink. so, I can't help you much either as I am still learning as well. Are you sure about the temperature? It wasn't in celcius, was it?
Jason.... Thanks for your reply, maybe the extra 3 degrees was the problem. I will try again at 131 and see how I get on.

Elsie... It wasn't in celcius, was it?...LOL, Im pretty sure I got that bit right. I do have a laser thermometer at work so I will check the Demi tomorrow.

Regards... Jules
UPDATE... Tonight I cooked a 2 inch thick piece of rump steak for 4 hours at 134F and it was perfectly pink, tender and juicy. Tomorrow is Friday so probably will try fish.

Kind regards
DO check the temp of the water.

My SVS runs about 5 degrees (F) hotter than its readout
Haha, glad your sous vide rump steak worked out fine this time!

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