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I have not seen many recipes for actual quail, mostly eggs, so here's something I came up with last weekend.
Found whole quail at a local asain supermarket and had to try them in Sous vide. My dad had always done roasted quail rubed with butter, garlic, and rosemary then finshed with a drizel of honey. He always seemed to over cook the quail a bit but I loved the flavor so I wanted to recreate this with the sous vide to get perfectly cooked quail.
To start I set the water temp to 140f and broke down the quail, removing the legs and leaving the breasts together on the bone but flattened. Taking out the backbone and wings(resver for sauce). I packaged the breasts in one bag and the legs in another, rubbing both with garlic butter making sure everything is very flat in the bags seal and place in the water. In the mean time I prepared a sauce starting with the resevered bones and wings browing them in a sauce pot. then I added a mirepoix of diced carrot cellery and onion and allowed those to brown heavily as well. I then deglazed with white wine added 2 rosemary sprigs and reduced. Then I added a few cups of water and let reduce by half, I then strained the sauce smashing some of the mirepoix through the sive. Bring liquid back to heat and reduce further and add 2 tablespoons of honey. Allow quail to cook at 140 for at a minimum of 1hr and 15min then pat dry romove excess garlic and blowtorch skin of quail until crispy. finishing with rosemary honey sauce.

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That sounds really good! I haven't done sous vide quail before but 140F is where I would've started as well. Thanks for sharing!
I was really pleased with them. It was my first try with sous vide quail. The breast meat was just cooked through and the legs were juicy and delicious.
Any changes if sous vide-ing a whole quail?
I would increase you sousvide time if using whole quail, Maybe 2hrs. Having everything very flat in one layer is best for sous vide. Try even just taking out the back bone so they can lay flat in the bag.
Anybody have a sous vide cooker? I just ordered the Anova and can't wait to try out some steaks!

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