How to Make a Career of a Cooking Hobby?

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1-Become a caterer for private and corporate parties. After a short period of time your business will grow through recommendations.

2-Get a job cooking for a well-known restaurant.

3-Start packaging and branding your food and sell it to stores. If it isn't fresh food, sell it on the Internet as well, either through your own website or on someone else's Web site.

4-Open your own restaurant. Keep it small so there is always a waiting list.

5-Run a take-out business that sells homemade food in a big city or near lots of businesses.

6-Start a food kiosk in a mall or on the sidewalk near a business center.

7-Make sandwiches and muffins for a store open 24 hours a day.

8-Do food demonstrations in grocery stores.

9-Become the head chef for a hotel or cruise line.

10-Write a cookbook or e-cookbook.

11-Hold cooking classes for kids.

12-Cook specialty food for dogs and cats.

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