Frog Legs

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I procured some frozen frog legs.
yeah, I am picturing a half dozen shivering Kermits, getting around on crutches. C'mon; that can't be any worse than asking my grandkids, What's red and green and goes 120mph?... Kermit in a blender.
anyway, while they slowly defrost in a meat cooler, I'm considering what time and temp to try??
My instinct tells me 135f for an hour. any better ideas?

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I haven't done frog legs before but I think started at 135F to 140F for an hour seems like a good time and temp. Let us know how it works out!
for a first try, I think 135.5f for 55 minutes was very close to the right temp and time. I used a Thai spiced marinade in the bag, and it was lovely.
I did wrap the calves and thighs in cedar paper and put them on a hot grill for finishing. Next time I'll just rest them on the cedar paper and use the butane torch on 'em to finish.

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