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Once you put you meats in an low oxogen enviroment, you need to be concered about Clostridium botulinum and antirobic food pathogen.
Food must be kept at or below 38 F. to stop it's growth. Many home refrigrtors may not be that cold. Better to bag and cook right away to be safe. Same is ture for holding SV proteins once cooked. Hold below 38 F, or better yet freeze.

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I made 72-hr short ribs at 132 per Thomas Keller and, though they came out with filet mignonlike texture and great taste, they smelled godawful. My wife wouldn't even taste them. I used ziplok bags because I have no sealer, but that's worked out fine on everything else I've tried and Kenji did this recipe with ziploks and no problems. Anyone have any ideas?
For longer cooking foods you can dip them in boiling water before bagging and sous viding them. The boiling water should kill any surface bacteria. It's usually not needed but it should stop the small percent of times that the food goes bad.
I have been using my sous vide torch to sanitize the outside surface of the meat for those long cook time items.
Check this out >>>

This article included the temperature and how long you have to prepare it. Very useful information for this recipe.
The article above is instructive.

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