British Sunday Sous Vide Beef Roast

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Prime rib of beef, mashed potato, Earl Grey foam, beetroot meringue and vegetable parcels.


1. Beef rib joint, bones in.
2. Potatoes
3. 250g beetroot, preferably young and sweet variety.
4. 1-2 x sachet egg white
5. Moffat (or other mild variety) mustard
6. Carrots
7. Green beans
8. Chives
9. Earl grey and either green tea and lemon tea bags or simply green tea
10. Salt and sugar for brining solution (50g each per 1L, dependant on size of beef clearly)
11. 2 x sheet leaf gelatine
12. 4 x tablespoons of your preferred liquid smoke (hickory worked well)
13. 250mls double cream
14. Extra virgin olive oil and fresh chopped basil
15. 250mls carrot juice, either made as per beetroot or bought and passed through muslin/cheese cloth


1.To make the beef, brine your joint for 4 hours in 10% solution as above with 4 tablespoons of liquid smoke added.

When brined, rinse and pat dry. Vacuum seal in an appropriate sized bag and sous vide at 55 deg C for 8 hours. Allow to rest for 10 minutes, pat dry and sear as you wish (grill worked fine for me).

Either carve and plate as required or carve at the table.

2. For the Earl Grey foam, steep 1 bags of Earl Grey and 2 x bags Green tea in approximately 300mls boiling water to make a fairly concentrated brew. Reduce down by about 3/4. Take 3-4 tablespoons of moffat or your desired mustard. SLOWLY add in some of the tea until it reaches a nice greeny sort of colour without being too watery. Adjust with sugar to taste to account for the bitterness of the tannins.

Taking your newly flavoured mustard, add it to 250mls of cream that is warmed on a stove but not boiling. Add two softened leaves of gelatine and then to serve either use a nitrogen powered dispenser or use a milk frother of some description. Spooned over the beef looked rather nice.

3. To make the beetroot meringue, the easiest way is to juice the beetroot. Alternatively, boil until soft, strain off the water, mash and then extract the juice through a fine sieve. Leave to cool.

Mix 150ml of juice with 1 sachet of egg white. Leave for 2 hours to incorporate, then whisk until peaks form.

Spoon into pleasing shapes on baking parchment. Either bake for 45 mins at 160 deg c or dehydrate at 60 deg c for 1.5 hours.

4. For amazing mash, boil potatoes until soft or SV at 83 deg c for 3 hours. Mash and pass through a fine mesh sieve (it might require a pre-sieve through a bigger gauge sieve). This will make the tatties super fluffy. Add butter, double cream, salt and pepper to tast.

Spoon into a greased chef's ring and bake at 200 deg c before serving your golden topped mash tower.

5. Take 75ml of extra virgin olive oil, add a handful of chopped basil and allow to infuse for a day.

In the meantime, take your carrot juice and heat to just below boiling. Add 2 sheets of softened leaf gelatine and allow to cool before refrigerating. Serve 1cm cubes of carrot jelly on splashes of basil oil.

6. For the veg, finely julienne the carrots to about 5cm. Reserve a few 10cm long pieces cut very finely. Top and tail the green beans to 5cm. Blanche the carrots and beans, serve the carrots in bundles tied with chives and green been bundles tied with the 10cm carrot 'strings' which need to be blanched.

Serve all the above on a warmed, large rimmed plate with crispy rolls for mopping up.

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Sounds fantastic!! Now I'm starving and it's only 6:30 am :-(
Thanks, as was the case on the day I forgot to mention (make) the Yorkshire puddings. Most batter recipes will suffice, top tip is to only use beef dripping, no other fat will do and under no circumstances open the oven door to check on them. Apologies to all Yorkshiremen for forgetting that.

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