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I'm wondering if because of the marbling, and fast melting?, fat in the wagyu, one should keep to lower temps?
shorter times?

I read (second hand) that the Alinea book does wagyu for 30 mins at 138F

but I also read elsewhere that wagyu should be kept below 133 in order to not render out all the fat.

typically I'd do steak at between 130-135,
and I'd probably let skirt go for 2 hours.
is that a mistake?

any advice welcomed!

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(sound of crickets...)
I think you have the right idea.with what you are doing.
Maybe a little more time for regular skirt."Kobe"is a different animal
FWIW , I did the D'Artagnan Wagyu Skirt for 1 hour at 133.

then a quick brush and sear with a BBQ sauce I made

pretty great... and plenty tender enough.
Hi> I am completely new in this topic. I have some churrascos/skirt steak that I want to try in sous vide. I do not know if the cut is exactly the same. This are like 1/2"thick. It will be in a stove (I am trying a pork belly and monitoring the temperature, have been constant), then I will sauté them.

Thanks for the comments
Hi Nilda,

yes, that's the same cut, the only difference being that the "wagyu' type is fattier/more marbled

I'd suggest trying about an hour or two at 135? F and then a quick sear in a hot pan afterward... and serve with chimmichurri or however you like it.

I also like to do a little rub on the steak, with a bit of cumin and ancho chile, before vacuum sealing.

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