Using a blow torch on skinned chicken breasts

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I haven't been able to find any info on this. I use a blow torch to sear my steaks and am now wondering about chicken breasts. I plan on cooking sous vide some boneless, skinless chicken breasts and wondered if anyo e had tried to our some color on the breasts using a blow torch. Anyone?

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Most people seem to think that blowtorches are not the best method for browning chicken and even if you do use one then it should only be used for skin on chicken breasts.
The problem with browning skinless breasts is that you will end up with a layer of overcooked meat that will change the texture in your mouth. Most people seem to suggest saucing instead but there is an interesting technique at the link below you may want to try:
Craig, I meant to reply earlier and forgot. I did end up using the CI method so thanks for sending that along. It worked like a charm.
I do this all the time with my chicken breasts. It is certainly easy to overdo it and burn the surface of a skinless boneless chicken breast when using a torch, but it can be done.

The trick is to hold the torch about a foot above, so the flame ends a few inches away from the surface, and waft the flame quickly across the breast and all the way off the side before returning for the next stroke. For this reason, I usually only torch the top and sides of the breast, and I do it in a very large cast iron skillet so I don't set my kitchen on fire. I use the same technique when torching corn on the cob for a little color.

Of course, cast iron searing is great, too, but I find that once you conquer the "lite" torch, you can actually get more even searing and a much better looking result.
Thanks, Blake, I'll try that next time.

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