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What temperature and time would folks suggest for Veal Chops that are 1 inch thick? I can find lots of information on pork chops, but the only thing I can find on veal chops is here:


In the example from the link above, it is cooking a veal chop twice as thick as the one I will be cooking and I am not sure how to adjust the time. They cook it at 140 for 10 - 12 hours.

I would like the meat cooked to the point where it would be considered pasteurized. I am not sure if medium or medium-rare would be better, but I am open to a time/temp. for either. I have the PolyScience Sous Vide Toolbox iPad App, but I am not sure what to choose as an option under Beef. There is a choice "Rib Rack with Bones" - but I don't know if that is correlates to a veal chop or not.

Please feel free to point me to any resource (online, book, app) that covers this topic.

Thanks in advance to anyone with thoughts to share on this...

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I checked a book I have called sous vide for the home cook by Douglas Baldwin. It is a fairly comprehensive book but he doesn't mention veal either. So then I got curious and did some googling. I did find a temperature chart that suggests veal gets cooked to the same temperature as beef, perhaps not surprisingly. What you could do is also post your question on eGullet as they have a lot of sous viders there.
We didn't cover veal in our books either since I don't cook it much but I do know it's typically cooked like beef. If the chop is usually grilled or pan fried then you just need the sous vide to heat it, so a few hours would be great. Pretty much any of the steak selections in the PolyScience app would work. It'll probably be around 2 hours at 131F and 1 hour at 141F. I'd personally lean towards 131F since I prefer medium-rare for most meats.
Veal is young beef, treat it as a tender cut of beef and you will be fine. Rare, Medium, well done temps for the water will be the same, just take the time dome a bit if the meat is too tender.
Loin or rib chops 1 inch 12 - 14 minutes

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