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I am going to try to cold smoke a breast and cook it sous vide. I was wondering if anyone has tried this. I can't decide if I should cook it first and then cold smoke it or cold smoke it and then cook it via sous vide. I think the latter would be a little more convenient, but I would love to hear if anyone has any experience with this (or other smoked meats) and sous vide.

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I've used smoked meats with sous vide a couple times, normally with my pastrami recipe. Also I'll sometimes use a smoking gun to smoke some meat or fish and then cook it sous vide. In both cases I added the smoke before cooking and it's worked out really well.
Thanks Jason, I'll let you know how it turned out.
I cold smoked two turkey breasts (boned) at about 70F for three hours in a Bradley smoker. I sealed them in bags with a 1/4 stick of unsalted butter and then cooked via sous vide at 141F for a little over three hours. They were really very good, smoky and very moist. This makes turkey dinner days much less stressful in that you can predict exactly when the turkey will be ready, as opposed to oven roasting, which is pretty unpredictable, and you can be relatively sure that the end product will be very good.
I do this all the time! Salmon, pork chops, short ribs! Great results. Prepare your meat, fish, as normal for smoking, cold smoke 1 -2 hrs. depending on thickness and your taste, bag and process in the sous vide water bath for the normal times, couldn't be easier!

Thanks, Michbill! Good info- glad I stumbled upon this site.

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