Salmon perfectly ccooked but failry cold on serving

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My first trial of sous vide cooking this weekend, the broccoli did not come out too well (posted in another thread), had a similar problem with my salmon. I had 3 salmon fillets, less than 1 inch thick, all in one bag (was that the problem ?). I cooked them at 62 degrees (i did not want them medium) for about 30 to 40 minutes. They came out fully cooked, but a couple of minutes after taking them out and serving they were luke warm at best. Am i doing something wrong ? Should i have seared the after ? I did not want to sear them, can i still cook them sous vide and have them come out hot ?

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that's a tough question to answer just like that.

one assume you cooked the fish through to the centre to the degree you LIKE it? (when it came out of the bag?)

if that's true, then it IS "hot" at that point... it's ostensibly 62C "hot".

it may be that what you're used to is the outside being screaming hot, even if the inside is medium.

if that's the case, a quick sear after is your best bet

or, just cook salmon in a pan or the oven

i don't PERSONALLY find fish benefits from sous vide, unless you're butter poaching or something like that.

It was fully cooked through. I wonder if it is the searing. My furst ever sous vide dish (the salmon was the second) was a fillet steak, cooked to 61 degrees C, which i seared after. That seemed fine. So eitehr that was the searing which made it feel hotter, or meat holds the temperature longer (or both). I must admitt i did like the flavour of the salmon, it tasted great, i thought it was better than normal. I will try again with searing next time i cook fish.
Thanks for your input
Mike,searing will make a difference but probably not enough unless you essentially finish cooking (by searing) the salmon to a higher temp. I suspect fish will cool quicker than an equivalent piece of meat, its less dense and probably less specific heat capacity, its also often, though not always thinner than a steak and therefore has more surface area.

The key is to get the food to the person as quick as possible, have a warm plate and if you do have it hanging a bout put it in a low temp oven if you can.

The whole experience of low temp cooked fish takes a bit of getting used to and isn't to everyone's liking.
Yes I think like any new technique you have to try and learn. Slowly getting better results with my broccoli, but that isnt perfect yet either. I will keep trying different things, and hopefully it'll get better at some point... its always good if you can ask someone and get suggestions. So help is always appreciated !

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