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I'm just starting to look into sous vide and have noticed most recipes I have read cut and serve immediately even if the meat is grilled after or searedis the rule in general. There is no need to let meat rest when cooking sous vide ?

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In general you don't have to let meats cooked sous vide rest because they are at low temperatures already. Also, if you let them rest to long I've found they get cold much faster than traditionally cooked meats. I know some people still rest the meat but it is a lot less important than it usually is.

I hope this helps some.
Resting is supposed to let the liquid state fats etc return to a thicker state. At the low temperatures of SV this is far less relevant than with something that's been in an oven. Modernist Cuisine has an interesting section on this.
I would understand if the cooking technique was purely SV However I see many red meat recipes that call for searing after the SV cooking to achieve a desirable exterior on the meat. After a quick sear do resting rate apply or is the sear time not enough to require a rest before carving
In general the sear is very quick and will only affect the very outside of the meat so it shouldn't really need the rest.
I don't think its mainly because of the lower temperatures in sous vide that resting is not normally required more that the temperature of the meat when cooked to equilibrium is the same throughout, rather than the large temperature differences that can occur in classical cooking methods. So all resting will do is cool down the meat, which can be a problem with sous vide cooked meat as its not particularly hot to start with!

As Jason says high temp searing should only affect the outer most surface and is done for visual and some limited taste reasons.

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