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I'm using CSV recipe for bourbon glazed pork tenderloin. Question; once I cook it and then ice bath for later use, how do I reheat with SV. What temp and for how long?

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I am set up to cook the same tenderloin tomarrow and have the same question that you asked. How do you re-heat it? I hope someone gives us an answer before tomarrow.
Hey guys, you can reheat the food at any temperature below the one you originally cooked it at. I generally reheat at 130°F (54°C) if I'll be searing it, that way I can sear it a little longer without raising the temperature of most of the meat.

The length of time needed will depend on how thick it is. From the fridge a 1" (25mm) thick piece will take about an hour, a 2" (50mm) one will take about 3 hours, or 4 if frozen.

Hope that helps!
That's kind of what I thought but I thought it would be good to get an experts opinion before I messed things up. Thanks Jason

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