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This seems like an obvious thing to do but my Googling efforts have failed to find anything...

Can I sous vide vegetables and hold them at meat cooking temperature for an hour or two, so I can do a complete meal? Or will the vegetables suffer from being held at the lower temperature?

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I don't believe an hour or two would make the veggies suffer. I often cook then chill the items a day or two in advance then reheat for an hour or two at 135. If the meat is being cooked at a very high temp and you're worried, cook the veg, put in ice water/refrig. until the meat is done then cool the water to 135 or so and throw the veggies in.
Hi @finestgreen, Bill is right, an extra hour or two won't be a big deal. Vegetables aren't really affected by temperatures below 175°f / 79.5°C so you can store them below that safely, especially if you're cooking meat at lower temperatures.

I actually don't think longer cooking times would affect them either but I tend to remove them from the heat, chill them, and then reheat them later if it's going to be more than a few hours. That's probably just psychological though.

As Bill said, you can reheat them in the sous vide bath, or sometimes I'll reheat them over low to medium-low heat in a pan with the sauce (or chicken stock, etc) to maximize the flavor.

Hope this helps. Thanks and happy sous viding!

Jason Logsdon

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