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i am very new to this sous vide cooking and i have a few questions. if i wanted to cook a chicken breast, pork chop, and salmon sous vide, what is the best way to cook/store all these proteins until i am ready to serve so they can be nice and tender? would it be posssible to sous vide the chicken and pork at 140 or whatever til its safely cooked and bring the temp down to 120 to sous vide the salmon and still hold the chicken and pork in the same water bath? any tips would be great!


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You could def do what you suggested and cook the chicken and pork first, then leave them in the bath while you cook the salmon (though be sure this isn't for very long since it's in the "danger zone").

Also, since salmon only take 15 to 30 minutes, you could take the chicken and pork out and put the salmon right in. Then by the time you dry off the chicken, bring a pan to temperature, sear them, make a sauce, etc then the salmon should be about done.
I would put that 140 degree water along with the pork and/or chicken in a cooler while you cook the salmon @ 120. With a decent cooler you could hold 135-140 for a few hours, which is plenty of time to cook your salmon, and above the "danger zone"

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