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I've seen varying results for grass-fed beef. Some say sous vide makes it mushy. Others that it is the perfect way to cook grass-fed, but tastes a bit gamey. Others that grass-fed beef cooked sous vide is tastier than grain finished beef. Looking for more opinions on this.

Here in Mexico grass-fed is the norm, and it's really the difficulty in getting a tender grilled grass-fed steak that's leading me to consider sous vide.

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One thing to remember is that when beef is "grass fed" there can be a lot of variety in their diet. Grass fed cattle on a farm in Montana probably eat a different kind of grass and are a different species. All of that will affect how the beef reacts.

That said, I've found that with my grass fed beef from Connecticut I typically need to only cook it half as long as supermarket beef. If I cook it the full amount of time it does become mushy but the shorter time seems to work great.

My suggestion to people trying this is to test out the meat first. Just cut open the sous vide pouch, slice of a piece of beef and try it. If it needs more cooking re-seal it and cook it longer.

This should give you an idea of how the grass fed beef in your area reacts to sous vide. Plus, the cost of 2 or 3 sous vide pouches is small compared to the cost of ruining a good steak or roast.

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