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For the first time ever today a packet developed gas gangrene. Only out of a large batch, all treated the same. The water was definately at the correct temperature. Finally worked out my error, quite obvious but worth sharing all the same. The lamb bag in question poked a tiny bit out of the water at some point, presumably the temp difference was enough for the top bit of meat to develop c.perfrigens. Lesson being, make sure the bags are NOWHERE near the water line.

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Oh man, that's too bad, sorry that happened for you. I tend to use larger bags than I need and that way even if the top of the bag is out, the meat is still an inch or two below the water line. Definitely something to keep in mind!
Aha! That would be it. Pre-sealed bag from the butcher without the massive
lip that my clamp sealer leaves. Guess that explains why it happened all of a sudden after months of no dramas.

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