Cooking meat in original Cryovac packaging?

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Is it safe to cook meat sous vide in the Cryovac that it was sold in?
For example, I have a nice rack of baby back ribs that are tightly Cryovac-ed with very little purge in the bag. Can I simply put this in my sous vide cooker as is? I'm only inquiring about safety. I would finish this rack off on a gas grill adding spices.

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Hi Jerry, this is a pretty commonly asked question without a great answer. In general, the answer is "it depends". If the packaging is from food-grade plastic that can handle low-levels of heat then in general it *should* be fine. I know many people cook directly from the store packaging like you are suggesting. I personally almost always re-package it just because I'm not sure what plastic most manufacturers use. I hope this helps some, sorry it wasn't a "yes" / "no" answer!
I'm with Jason on this one. No great answer. I have tried a few times with mixed results. Unfortunately the Cryovac that seem to be sturdy enough are too large for my water bath. I tried some small pre-seasoned pork loins that came out very good but the packaging was marginal at best.
I feel I'm safer and have better control of the results by repackaging the meat, which I have to do for the larger pieces any way.


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