Cook-Chill for Sous Vide Veggies?

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Does the cook-chill method apply for veggies meant to be consumed at a later time (and stored in the fridge)? Or does it only apply for meats?


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I believe it would apply to anything cooked under a vacuum. The quick chill is to prevent the growth of the bacteria which I believe exist on both meat and veggies. Plus, with veggies it'll keep them from overcooking at all ;-)
I'll second Jason's comments. Although veggies tend to be cooked at a much higher temperature than meats (185F versus 132F), the whole idea behind flash-chilling the food is to limit the amount of time at which any bacteria can grow.

My experience with veggies though is that timing is a bit more critical than with most meats. Cooling them quickly before storage will allow you to be fairly precise with your cooking times, and I think, much happier with your final product.
Cooking temperatures for veg are still pasteurising rather than sterilising so yes they would need quick chilling. If that isn't done they will likely spend a decent amount of time at temperatures where residual spores and bacteria can proliferate and as bacterial growth can be logarithmic in amplitude, this could be rather unfortunate.

Second the point about timings being critical for veg if you don't want mush.

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