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i dont have a vacuum sealer, so i put country style pork ribs in a ziploc bag using water displacement method. after 24 hours, it seems my bag has leaked some water into the bag.. i think.. at first i thought it was just juices from meat, but it seems like alot and it is only being cooked at 145f. But, it doesn't seem as there is any discoloration in the water from the juices leaking out. will it be ok to eat if it did leak? i dont see why not, the crock was clean, it may have a little less flavor from the water stealing the porks delicous goodness, but still safe.

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I agree, it should be safe, it's temperature/time that concerns you. The prolonged contact with water may do all kinds of things to your texture/flavors, but it should be safe.
If the water in the bath is clear then it probably is just juices from the sous vide cooking but Roberto is right, it will be perfectly safe to eat either way.
Certainly not a safety issue and if the water is clear it seems unlikely to be ingress from the bath. It can be rather sup rising how much liquid comes out of certain meats.

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