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So I have a Adcraft food warmer that will easily hold a cooling rack in the bottom to keep the food off of the metal bottom, but the ones I've tried have rusted. Anyone have and recommendations for materials or devices to keep food separated and off the bottom of your cooker?

I like the wire rack that the Sous Vide Supreme comes with, but I'm not sure the metal they are using and if there is a way to rig up a similar rack.

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I'm not sure what the rack is made of but the do sell them at their store, so you could just grab one there, looks like they're about 12 bucks.
Good call. I didn't even think to see if they sold them separately.

Doesn't look like the include the dimensions in the description. I'll look around for them, gotta make sure it will fit.
This site says the rack is stainless steel which it what I expected, but good to know for sure.

Nice, I guess that makes sense. Hope it fits for you or you can make your own!
Not sure where you live (UK or US) but I bought some stainless steel cooling racks from here which have worked for me:

Thanks Tony. I'm in the US, but I'll look around for the yankee equivalent.
What about these new sous vide racks that are just now been introduced on Indegogo?
LIPAVI use Stainless Steel 201. It's the type of steel that is common for kitchen tools. It should not rust in fairly clean tap water.

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